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After 20 years, Sage Health Management Solutions, Inc. has separated its robust content development from its technology. The nonprofit provider-led entity, Sage Evidence-based Medicine & Practice Institute (SEMPI), will conserve the existing quality and experience as well as create, evaluate, and modify Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) in compliance with national requirements.

Federally Compliant
SEMPI is a recognized qualified Provider Led Entity (qPLE) by CMS, adhering to evidence-based processes in its ongoing development, endorsement, and modification of AUC. The CMS mandate requires Medicare providers to use Clinical Decision Support by January 1, 2019. “We are proud to be acknowledged by CMS, allowing us to provide more robust content, and latest evidence-based knowledge to help enhance the overall quality of care through appropriate advanced diagnostic imaging services,” Ayis Pyrros, MD, the Chair of SEMPI, said.
Quality CDS
SEMPI has a clinical philosophy that is quality-focused, patient-centered and physician directed. The multi-disciplinary team works to achieve this philosophy by drawing upon the expertise and data of its affiliated organization, Sage HMS. All SEMPI Clinical Decision Support (CDS) guidelines and criteria are thoroughly vetted in a repeatable process. End-Users will benefit from the robustness of the content and will feel confident that they will have access to the latest evidence-based wisdom each time they log-in.
Practical Assistance
SEMPI evidence-based content is easy to use, clear recommendations and reason codes for exams utilizing ICD-10 CM codes. Each CPG (Clinical Practice Guideline) is designed for each specific recommendation and covers all levels of imaging. SEMPI AUCs cover the entire episode of care and understands that the most appropriate recommendation may be a “No Imaging” recommendation (NORAD) and may offer consideration of other (non-imaging) diagnostic tests.
Sage Evidence-Based Medicine & Practice Institute utilizes a diverse panel of participants who provide extensive clinical expertise to research best practices through clinical medical literature and research. SEMPI also provides educational support for users with extensive hyperlinks. All guidelines and criteria are updated during the year as information is made available and are subject to review annually.

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The information contained herein is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, warnings, allergic reactions, or adverse effects. Clinicians must at all times use their independent medical or professional judgement.