Available AUC

The listing of available AUCs will be changing during the first six months of 2017 as SEMPI will be completing the panel reviews for the following Priority Clinical Areas: Low Back Pain; Cervical or Neck Pain; Hip Pain; Shoulder Pain (including suspected rotator cuff); Suspected PE; Headache (traumatic and non-traumatic); Coronary Artery Disease; and Cancer of the Lung (primary or metastatic, suspected or diagnostic). Since there are many other clinical topic areas to be developed, SEMPI will continue to add to the listing below.

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Below are the developed topic selections, which will display the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) for each topic. The CPGs are available on the SEMPI website as the various processes are completed, with some waiting for final sign-off by the panel. Each topic may have multiple CPGs for review as they each cover the clinical topic to represent all the major recommendations.

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