Multi-Disciplinary Team

Each collaborating review team, focused on Priority Clinical Areas, has the full authority to complete and evaluate independently the evidence-based literature and make specific recommendations for the final output of Appropriate Use Criteria (AUCs). The overarching theme of the AUC review teams governance is that all AUC must be practical and credible. This means: specific, comprehensive, showing flexibility, with logic that is easy to follow. It is key to evaluate the strength of the evidence with a multidisciplinary development process through either representative information or participation for all key groups. The teams will be made up of at least seven people representing the following roles: Primary Care Practitioner, Expertise in Imaging studies related to the AUC, Expertise in the Clinical Topic, Expertise in Statistical Analysis, Expertise in Clinical Trial Design, Expertise in Medical Informatics, and Expertise in Quality improvement. The Board of Directors has the responsibility for the overall organization to assure that the proper financial and business records are maintained, that any conflict of interest is evaluated and responded to, that the overall organizational goals are being met, and that management has provided to the Board all the information and documentation from the collaborating review teams for their final work products. Unless specifically requested either by management or the collaborating teams, the Board will not override or intervene in any of the AUC content that are developed by the collaborating review teams. This assures the independence of the clinical content development process. All final AUCs from the Multidisciplinary Teams will be published on the SEMPI website with the collaborating team panelists listed for accountability of the collaborating team. On the SEMPI site, any feedback from the public will be available to the team panelists and the Board.

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